JIRI 2A aims at modernizing traditions. It gives birth to the concept of Neo-Traditionalism, as well as encouraging women to use the power of truth to build foundations strong enough to combat all feminine stigma found within society.

'Banjiri' in this context symbolizes the theme of modernization. Across the world, many cultures choose to disregard their traditions and trade them for a more global approach. Many feel like most traditions are not applicable in the modern world. However, what if those traditions were translated and illuminated in a modern light? JIRI 2A aims to-do so.

JIRI 2A strives to keep traditions alive and give birth to Neo-Traditionalism as a guarantee that will allow it to live on, for traditions are what beautifully diversifies who we are.

Women are intense. We often tend to demean the magnificent truth that we are a product of God’s design and women are the chosen vessels that materialize this design. This makes women the essence of life.  You are eligible enough to define your own meaning of truth. Hence, you are able to create your own foundation that will empower you from succumbing to society’s ethics of femininity.

You are the architect that constructs generations of fateful foundations.

Raise your normality and given standards to replace your merits. Making what used to be a merit a normality to allow your new merits to take you to places you’ve never dreamed of going. 

JIRI 2A is a modernized, neo-traditional partially hand made sculpture that combines geometrical and minimal features of design. The rawness and contrast between the texture on the bracelet’s inner face and outer face adds to the sculpture’s dynamisms.

Clam of Consciousness, Just like oceans, a literal and metaphoric symbol of truth. No matter how far you throw your bottle of truth the tide will always bring it back to shore.

Dream of Rain, Just like deserts, a literal and metaphoric symbol of strive. No matter how dry, life always finds a way to unleash hidden potential that exists in everything.

 Solidification of Soul, Just like concrete, a literal and metaphoric symbol of solidity. The secret of a building’s strength lies within its foundation 

“Traditions live longer than we do”   ★   “You already have everything you need” 

 JIRI 2A is meant to flower an idea that may bloom.

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